Alfred Hitchcock Portrait – Colorized by Sanna Dullaway


Reddit user mygrapefruit and self-taught colorizer Sanna Dullaway has colorized famous photographs in history. You can find the entire 34-image collection on Imgur. Using a Wacom bamboo tablet and Photosohp, each photo takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

It’s an interesting project as it reminds us that while most historic photographs were in black and white, life itself was in the same vibrant color as today (derp). It tickles the mind as we are so accustomed to history portrayed in black and white.

It’s interesting to note that these images have stirred quite the controversy since going viral. Comments on sites like PetaPixel are quite critical, while on Reddit (where it was originally posted) the feedback has been generally positive. What do you think?

Technically, the colorizing skill is superb. It requires great vision and understanding of…

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More photographs from university..

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Just a quick update on my life really, I haven’t wrote a blog in the last two months now and just felt I needed to for some unknown reason. Everything is going absolutely perfect in my life right now especially my university life in Sheffield. All the lectures, seminars and essay writings have gone very well so far and I’m just looking forward to my next six months over here!!


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Freshers week has finally come to an end and it did so in emphatic style but that story is for later.. My first week at University has become one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Along with moving house and meeting new friends, including people on my course with me and my fantastic flatmates, I’ve come to the conclusion that becoming a university student is easily the best decision I have ever made.

This week has been a blur of nightime activities stemming for a couple of drinks at the local bar to a bar crawl through the heart of Sheffield where I’m currently studying my history course. Freshers week is honestly as crazy and as mental as people have previously made out! Every night in the week had been truly unforgettable especially the last, the Sunday, the bar crawl. After pre-drinking and playing beer pong in a friends flat for a couple of hours, we set off to meet the hundreds of other student at Revolution in Sheffield. Special shirts had been given out to students to make they’re own or should I say get obscenities written on before friends.. the bar crawl lasted all night and I finally reached home at about three in the morning, hardly remembering what had happened especially after seeing in a mirror that my face had a drawn on handle bar mustache on it and UV paint everywhere but all in all the pictures prove how much of a good time I must have had that night! The only bad event being when I woke up and found a lovely, nice looking sandwich made the previous night by myself.. sounds great until I realised it was blue tacked to the wall..

NE x

Recent weeks..

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As I’m currently in the process of moving to Sheffield to start university for three years, my life has been hectic of late. Therefore instead of using up a lot of time writing a five hundred plus word blog I’ve decided to upload a couple of photographs I’ve taken over the back end of the summer holidays. Whilst on the subject of this summer, it has easily been the best I’ve ever experienced and I don’t think for one minute that it could have been better in any way, shape or form. This summer has seen everything from parties with friends, night outs in Leeds, letting off Chinese lanterns, visiting family, going to football matches as well as visiting both Leeds Festival and the country of Portugal

Enjoy x

Live Sunday football (27th November 2011)


Live Sunday Premiership football (27th November 2011)

Todays matches: Swansea vs Aston Villa
: Liverpool vs Manchester City

Swansea Vs Aston Villa

Swansea are gunning for another undefeated display at home to Aston Villa  after been overcome by Manchester United last week after another good performance. On the other hand, Villa come to the Liberty Stadium today looking for only their fourth win of the season after an unstable start to the season. Kick off at 13:30

Liverpool Vs Manchester City

The second game of the day sees Liverpool host Manchester City at Anfield. Manchester City come into this game unbeaten in the league this term but could face tough opposition from a Liverpool team unbeatable in their last six games and coming off the back of a 2-1 win at Chelsea last time out. Liverpool are looking largely impressive under Kenny Dalglish this season and could inflict Mancini’s first league defeat this year in the Premiership. Kick of at 16:00

However, both games today in the Premiership are more then largely over shadowed by the untimely death of footballing legend Gary Speed. Speed, Welsh manager and former Leeds, Newcastle, Everton, Bolton and Sheffield United, was tragically found dead early this morning at his home in Cheshire. Thoughts go to his family at this desperate time x


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November doesn’t seem like the album releasing month for the music industry with only limited albums due within this month. Rock/Alternative lovers can expect ‘Angels & Airwaves’ new album ‘Love:Part two’ to be released in Europe on the 11th November. This is due to be their Fourth studio album which is impressive to say that the band were only created due to Tom DeLonge’s departure from ‘Blink 182.’ Band ‘Nickelback’ also have a new album out on the 21st titled ‘Here and now.’

In other genres, ‘Pop’ for instance, ‘Rihanna’ and ‘The Wanted’ have their second and sixth album respectively out this month. I’m pretty sure that these albums will be played over and over and over on the radio anyway.

Also, Go buy and listen to ‘You Me At Six’ album – ‘Sinners never sleep’ which was out last month. One of the best albums this year in my opinion, listen out for tracks ‘Reckless’ and ‘Jaws on the floor.’



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Wanted to prove how every thing is linked in life.

is this really football?


Recently, its become harder and harder to watch football and not be embarrassed by players so called ‘antics’. These players from the ‘continent’ coming to our shores and rolling around as if they have been shot from the stands by a high calibre shiver rifle. This is obviously in contrast to the 70’s where players would continue even if carrying injuries such as broken arms and legs. Even so, the premiership still possess few players who will put in a ‘proper’ tackle and take the ball but then however fall at the slightest push.

These playacters were recently brought to our screens in the ‘el classico’ or more commonly known as ‘el shambles’. Contested between the two so called best teams in the world. More like decievers, actors, liars and cheats. If my own team came out and acted the way some of them players did, I would of been disgraced and been purely embarrassed to say that I worship these ‘football players’. And on top of that, the referee mostly gets the blame. The unlucky official been surrounded by 22 players and managerial staff, 80 000 fans and many more watching on television, and been hounded into certain decisions.

Is that really football?