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Just a quick update on my life really, I haven’t wrote a blog in the last two months now and just felt I needed to for some unknown reason. Everything is going absolutely perfect in my life right now especially my university life in Sheffield. All the lectures, seminars and essay writings have gone very well so far and I’m just looking forward to my next six months over here!!



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Freshers week has finally come to an end and it did so in emphatic style but that story is for later.. My first week at University has become one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Along with moving house and meeting new friends, including people on my course with me and my fantastic flatmates, I’ve come to the conclusion that becoming a university student is easily the best decision I have ever made.

This week has been a blur of nightime activities stemming for a couple of drinks at the local bar to a bar crawl through the heart of Sheffield where I’m currently studying my history course. Freshers week is honestly as crazy and as mental as people have previously made out! Every night in the week had been truly unforgettable especially the last, the Sunday, the bar crawl. After pre-drinking and playing beer pong in a friends flat for a couple of hours, we set off to meet the hundreds of other student at Revolution in Sheffield. Special shirts had been given out to students to make they’re own or should I say get obscenities written on before friends.. the bar crawl lasted all night and I finally reached home at about three in the morning, hardly remembering what had happened especially after seeing in a mirror that my face had a drawn on handle bar mustache on it and UV paint everywhere but all in all the pictures prove how much of a good time I must have had that night! The only bad event being when I woke up and found a lovely, nice looking sandwich made the previous night by myself.. sounds great until I realised it was blue tacked to the wall..

NE x

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As I’m currently in the process of moving to Sheffield to start university for three years, my life has been hectic of late. Therefore instead of using up a lot of time writing a five hundred plus word blog I’ve decided to upload a couple of photographs I’ve taken over the back end of the summer holidays. Whilst on the subject of this summer, it has easily been the best I’ve ever experienced and I don’t think for one minute that it could have been better in any way, shape or form. This summer has seen everything from parties with friends, night outs in Leeds, letting off Chinese lanterns, visiting family, going to football matches as well as visiting both Leeds Festival and the country of Portugal

Enjoy x

A to Z.

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Places of the world
Countries:                             Capitals:
A – Australia                          A – Addis Ababa
B – Brazil                                B – Buenos Aires
C – Canada                             C – Caracas
D – Djibouti                           D – Dhaka
E – Egypt                                E – Edinburgh
F – Fiji                                     F – Free Town
G – Gambia                            G – Georgetown
H – Hungary                          H – Havana
I – Indoenesia                        I -Islamabad
J – Jamaica                            J – Jakarta
K – Kazakhstan                     K – Kathmandu
L – Latvia                               L – London
M – Madagascar                   M – Madrid
N – Nepal                               N – Nassau
O – Oman                               O – Ouagadougou
P – Peru                                  P – Pretoria
Q – Qatar                                Q – Quito
R – Rwanda                            R – Rabat
S – South Africa                     S – San Jose
T – Tuvalu                               T – Tokyo
U – Uruguay                           U – Ulaanbaatar
V – Venezuala                         V – Vienna
W – Western Sahara             W – Wellington
Y – Yemen                               Y – Yamoussoukro
Z – Zambia                              Z – Zagreb


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After my previous comments on the ‘bad’ side of football, I took a look at the ‘good’ side and found some very emotional stories about how players pay respects to one another. This category can also include ‘sportmanship’ which was most famously demonstrated by Paoulo Di Canio when he picked up the ball where he was in a position to score but the opposition keeper was injured. (see link below)

When it comes to tributes to fellow players however, some stories are moving. It’s the World Cup Final in 2011, Spain Vs Holland and in the 115th minute of the match, Iniesta grabs the winner for Spain. In delirious happiness he takes his top off to celebrate and underneath his jersey, he is donning a white vest. On this vest it simply says “Dani Jarque siempre con nosotros” which means in English “Dani Jarque, always with us.”

This story goes back to the 8th August 2009 when Dani Jarque tragically collapased during Espanyol’s pre-season tour of Italy.  Dani Jarque had previously played with Iniesta during his time with the Spanish under 21’s and both had become good friends. After the World Cup, Iniesta’s Barcelona travelled to Espanyol (Jarque’s old club). As Espanyol is situated in the city of Barcelona, rivalry is high between the two clubs but the reception Andres Iniesta then recieved when he was substituted was astounding. Every Espanyol fan stood and clapped him off the pitch. Iniesta’s name was also shown on the back of an Espanyol shirt with the number 21 (Jarque’s retired number) during the game.

This one tribute just shows how rivalry can be forgotten in football sometimes and how both players and sets of fans can work together to create a better, kinder atmosphere in the sport.

NE x


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This is a real serious problem in today’s society and needs urgently sorting out. From watching parts of the Premiership so far this year, some actions of players have been utterly disgusting. First of all, Joey Barton and Gerviniho’s clash was completely awful to watch and it made me feel ashamed to even watch football after knowing acts like that are associated with this sport. However since then, even worse situations have taken place.

On Tuesday night reports were been placed in the media about certain antics participated by some of the Manchester Untied following at Elland Road. Foul chants about past events that have really hurt the whole club in Leeds for a long time which were completely uncalled for. Why did that happen? I understand rivalries as I  would describe myself as a football fan, but there’s a difference between rivalries  in the sport and pure hatred between people. These people don’t even know each other so how can they chant abuse at each other!! Some of the Manchester fans should be beyond ashamed of themselves especially after donning a Galatasary flag to mock the stabbing and later death of the two Leeds fans in Turkey, what a disgrace.
(Link is the recent news coverage of the incident at Elland Road)

Besides this, role models in football and other sports for that matter should take a look at themselves. As earlier said, Joey Barton, who basically attacked a member of the oppostion. How many children could possibly copy this action in the future and believe it to be okay? A lot is the answer. Bandura stated ‘The social learning theory’ in 1966 and said that all aggressive matters are natured into young people through environmental forces. This includes role models so therefore they should be the best sportsmen/women around at deal with events and setting the best examples, right?

Surely this isn’t a natural reaction for a child to produce?

In the end, I can’t think of many people in sport that don’t use aggression however or don’t use the limelight in a false or bad manner.


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Life seems to be full of complex, unexpected situations that can cause emotions of any type to grasp individuals. Personally, i do enjoy life. Fun times are always never too far away but at the same time, everybody seems to have a ‘past’ that seemed so much better. My past was when I was younger and without a care in the world, I just got on with everything on this planet without even knowing what half of it meant.

The problem with growing old, is the understanding you gain. This world can be so hostile and nasty and to be honest, I really can’t understand how some people cope with what goes on in today’s day and age. Innocent people who live in Libya and Iraq for example are losing relatives and friends due to another countries and leaders antics. I mean imagine coming home to no family because of an ‘accident’ an ‘accident’ that happens over and over again. An ‘accident’ where certain people don’t listen to the conquences and sort the right action out.

Anyway enough of the moaning. Recently at my friends, for some strange reason, we pulled out a box of lego. It most of been a sight, five sixteen/seventeen year olds messing around with a toy well outside their age category. However, it was such good fun, a bit strange in the context to be honest, but hey! Yeah, I don’t really see this as childish however because I see it as enjoying myself. Basically what I’m trying to say is ‘Do people really grow up or will we always find comfort in the same items/objects/people and products?’

Thought I would show you all the plane I built! I know that is silly and immature but if were been honest, I’m quite proud of this!
NE x