‘A Flash Flood of Colour – Enter Shikari’


Enter Shikari have recently uploaded the new teaser for album ‘A Flash Flood of Colour’ which we can expect to be released on 16th January, 2012. This will be their third full studio album after earlier albums ‘Take To The Skies’ and ‘Common Dreads.’

Enter Shikari are a British band, that combine post-hardcore and various heavy metal sub-genres such as metalcore and alternative metal with elements of various electronic genres such as electronica, dubstep, trance and occasionally drum and bass therefore making a very strong electronicore sound, formed in 2003 in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Album listing:

1. “System…”
2. “…Meltdown”
3. “Sssnakepit” 3:26
4. “Search Party”
5. “Arguing With Thermometers” 3:22
6. “Stalemate”
7. “Gandhi Mate, Gandhi” 4:28
8. “Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here”
9. “Pack of Thieves”
10. “Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide”
11. “Constellations”

Personally, I’m a massive fan of the group and can’t wait to once again listen to a new album they have produced. Single ‘Sssnakepit’ and full length radio preview ‘Gandhi Mate, Gandhi’  have sounded very promising leading up to the new album release and I fully recommend anybody to give these guys a listen to!

NE x



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November doesn’t seem like the album releasing month for the music industry with only limited albums due within this month. Rock/Alternative lovers can expect ‘Angels & Airwaves’ new album ‘Love:Part two’ to be released in Europe on the 11th November. This is due to be their Fourth studio album which is impressive to say that the band were only created due to Tom DeLonge’s departure from ‘Blink 182.’ Band ‘Nickelback’ also have a new album out on the 21st titled ‘Here and now.’

In other genres, ‘Pop’ for instance, ‘Rihanna’ and ‘The Wanted’ have their second and sixth album respectively out this month. I’m pretty sure that these albums will be played over and over and over on the radio anyway.

Also, Go buy and listen to ‘You Me At Six’ album – ‘Sinners never sleep’ which was out last month. One of the best albums this year in my opinion, listen out for tracks ‘Reckless’ and ‘Jaws on the floor.’

Dying music genres?


The 70’s and 80’s saw the rise of new and extreme ‘music groups.’ These were groups of music lovers and fans of music genres that followed bands and musicians around the country. With this came the birth of dressing like music genres. By this I mean groups such as The Punk Rockers who swept the nation and followed bands such as the ‘Sex Pistols’ and ‘The Clash.’ However, where did these groups go?

Recently the music industry seems to be dominated by the party/pop genre from groups such as LMFAO to singers like Bruno Mars. Personally, I don’t mind this music and am not objective towards it or the musicians themselves. This certain ‘urge’ that the public seems to have towards this genre seems to be killing off smaller genres to a certain extent however. When researching my media report on the music industry I read an article claiming that only three genres were now widely represented within the industry, R’n’B, Party and Alternative/Indie. This is believable unfortunately for most,  especially for me due to the fact I prefer other genres of music such as ‘Rock’ which isn’t as widely represented.

Open for debate of course but to me it seems that these listed genres are now forgotten or on the verge of collapse within the music industry:
-Punk                                                                    – Pop Punk
– Jazz                                                                     – Folk
– Opera                                                                 – Country
– Blues                                                                  – Rock/Metal (Arguably)

Also open for debate but music genres that are becoming popular or very popular in today’s climate:
– Pop                                                                     – Dubstep
– House                                                                – Party
– R’n’B                                                                  – Indie
– Alternate Rock                                             – Reggae fusion

On iTunes and other such formatted music sharing sites/organisations , it is also nearly certain that only these ‘popular’ genres will be found on the front page or as ‘featured’ artists or articles.

All in all I just believe that lesser music genres are been given less attention and are been succumb to failure due to the lack of advertising and coverage they receives.



I believe that in society today so many people possess a talent. This talent can be anything from playing extremely good football to possessing a beautiful singing voice. However it really bugs me when people don’t show themselves off a little more when maybe, they truly do deserve to. I made this blog in the wake of watching X Factor on Saturday. Personally, I’m not a massive fan of the show and in all honesty, I’ve only watched the last three programmes. The talent on the show though (especially the later stages) is amazing.

One singer stuck out for me in particular, Janet Devlin. This girl’s voice is something else. Love the fact that she keeps her accent when she sings, makes it really unique. She really will be a world wide hit. Normally, the only problem I really have with acts on shows like the X Factor is their constant attention seeking, for instance Kitty from this years series. Jumping in the pool at the end of her audition, too far. It also annoyed me when I read in the paper that she is fed up of people, such as Janet, been given their chance on a plate. This might just be me but isn’t that the whole point in the actual contest? Anyway, enough of that.

Overall then, I believe that talent is all around us and that people should use whatever they have to impress other people and do themselves proud. In reference to the other story (X Factor) Janet has such a distinctive voice and I really hope that she wins that competition, she deserves it. Good luck!!

Found this cover on her YouTube channel. Very very good x

NE x



Over the next week three of my favourite bands are releasing their new albums into the charts, these been Blink 182, New found glory and You me at six. Luckily, I have seen two of these acts before and they really are great all round . Blink 182 blew me away when I saw them last year at Leeds Festival, great atmosphere and a very special occasion. With today signaling the release of their new album ‘Neighborhoods’ I’ve decided to give you a link to one of the tracks on this highly anticipated album. Enjoy!

October the 3rd is also significant for the other two bands I mentioned. YouMeAtSix’s new album ‘Sinners never sleep’ is out on October the 3rd. On the other hand, Just like Blink 182, I’ve also seen New Found Glory twice and really enjoyed both their sets. This band have gone somewhat unnoticed by the mass market especially here in the UK, however many may have heard their music on films such as the ‘American Pie’ sequel. I think that their new single ‘Radiosurgery’ is a breath of fresh air and seems to cheer up my day however bad it may be. Great great band.

In the long run, there are also new albums out from Nickelback, Weezer, The Offspring and Tenacious D to look out for!! Keep an eye out.

NE x



Recently I have become more and more interested in the band ‘We are the ocean.’ After seeing them last month at Leeds Festival and before supporting Lostprophets I have been getting into the band more and more and regulary listening to them on my ipod.  However when i saw them at Leeds cockpit, they blew me apart. I’ve seen massive bands before but the passion you feel when watching these guys is something else, the lyrics seem so meaningful. Therefore that gig was one of my most favourite gigs ever, not to mention getting on stage with the band! A truly great moment in my life.

This year at Leeds festival I also felt very proud to watch them open the main stage for the weekend. It was so nice to see a band I have always followed becoming so big and finally getting the chance they deserve. Their new album ‘Go now and live’ is a must listen to at the same time, you can really appreciate the effort that has gone into such an energetic album like this one especially when it reached number 3 in the ‘UK rock chart.’

Album track listing –

1. “Trouble Is Temporary, Time Is Tonic” 2:44
2. “What It Feels Like” 3:02
3. “The Waiting Room” 3:34
4. “Runaway” 3:45
5. “Trials and Tribulations” 3:19
6. “Overtime is a Crime” 3:09
7. “Godspeed” 2:53
8. “Now and Then” 3:59
9. “Follow What You Need” 3:15
10. “Before I Die” 3:39

And then there’s the ‘old’ stuff. My days, these tracks are something else so I just though i’d leave you with my favourite and I hope you all enjoy!