Nathan Evans.

I’m a student from Leeds, England and go to a school named Benton Park School, Rawdon. I’m lucky enough to have the best friends in the world who are always making me smile and I guess I just enjoy life to the full as much as possible. Music means the world to me to be honest, I can sit for hours and forget the world whilst playing my acoustic guitar without even realising. Fortunately I also love to go gigging and have seen many of my favourite bands various times including seeing Enter Shikari seven times and other bands such as Blink 182 and Kings of Leon on other occasions. I also enjoy sport, playing football in my spare time usually, and enjoy taking the odd photograph if time allows.

After completing Sixth Form and achieving three A-Levels in History, P.E and Media Studies, I am now studying History for a three year period at Sheffield Hallam University.

I write blogs and articles when time allows me a break from studying  on WordPress on various different topics that come to mind, most likely to be focused around music.

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Peace! x


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