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Freshers week has finally come to an end and it did so in emphatic style but that story is for later.. My first week at University has become one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Along with moving house and meeting new friends, including people on my course with me and my fantastic flatmates, I’ve come to the conclusion that becoming a university student is easily the best decision I have ever made.

This week has been a blur of nightime activities stemming for a couple of drinks at the local bar to a bar crawl through the heart of Sheffield where I’m currently studying my history course. Freshers week is honestly as crazy and as mental as people have previously made out! Every night in the week had been truly unforgettable especially the last, the Sunday, the bar crawl. After pre-drinking and playing beer pong in a friends flat for a couple of hours, we set off to meet the hundreds of other student at Revolution in Sheffield. Special shirts had been given out to students to make they’re own or should I say get obscenities written on before friends.. the bar crawl lasted all night and I finally reached home at about three in the morning, hardly remembering what had happened especially after seeing in a mirror that my face had a drawn on handle bar mustache on it and UV paint everywhere but all in all the pictures prove how much of a good time I must have had that night! The only bad event being when I woke up and found a lovely, nice looking sandwich made the previous night by myself.. sounds great until I realised it was blue tacked to the wall..

NE x


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