Dying music genres?


The 70’s and 80’s saw the rise of new and extreme ‘music groups.’ These were groups of music lovers and fans of music genres that followed bands and musicians around the country. With this came the birth of dressing like music genres. By this I mean groups such as The Punk Rockers who swept the nation and followed bands such as the ‘Sex Pistols’ and ‘The Clash.’ However, where did these groups go?

Recently the music industry seems to be dominated by the party/pop genre from groups such as LMFAO to singers like Bruno Mars. Personally, I don’t mind this music and am not objective towards it or the musicians themselves. This certain ‘urge’ that the public seems to have towards this genre seems to be killing off smaller genres to a certain extent however. When researching my media report on the music industry I read an article claiming that only three genres were now widely represented within the industry, R’n’B, Party and Alternative/Indie. This is believable unfortunately for most,  especially for me due to the fact I prefer other genres of music such as ‘Rock’ which isn’t as widely represented.

Open for debate of course but to me it seems that these listed genres are now forgotten or on the verge of collapse within the music industry:
-Punk                                                                    – Pop Punk
– Jazz                                                                     – Folk
– Opera                                                                 – Country
– Blues                                                                  – Rock/Metal (Arguably)

Also open for debate but music genres that are becoming popular or very popular in today’s climate:
– Pop                                                                     – Dubstep
– House                                                                – Party
– R’n’B                                                                  – Indie
– Alternate Rock                                             – Reggae fusion

On iTunes and other such formatted music sharing sites/organisations , it is also nearly certain that only these ‘popular’ genres will be found on the front page or as ‘featured’ artists or articles.

All in all I just believe that lesser music genres are been given less attention and are been succumb to failure due to the lack of advertising and coverage they receives.


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