I believe that in society today so many people possess a talent. This talent can be anything from playing extremely good football to possessing a beautiful singing voice. However it really bugs me when people don’t show themselves off a little more when maybe, they truly do deserve to. I made this blog in the wake of watching X Factor on Saturday. Personally, I’m not a massive fan of the show and in all honesty, I’ve only watched the last three programmes. The talent on the show though (especially the later stages) is amazing.

One singer stuck out for me in particular, Janet Devlin. This girl’s voice is something else. Love the fact that she keeps her accent when she sings, makes it really unique. She really will be a world wide hit. Normally, the only problem I really have with acts on shows like the X Factor is their constant attention seeking, for instance Kitty from this years series. Jumping in the pool at the end of her audition, too far. It also annoyed me when I read in the paper that she is fed up of people, such as Janet, been given their chance on a plate. This might just be me but isn’t that the whole point in the actual contest? Anyway, enough of that.

Overall then, I believe that talent is all around us and that people should use whatever they have to impress other people and do themselves proud. In reference to the other story (X Factor) Janet has such a distinctive voice and I really hope that she wins that competition, she deserves it. Good luck!!

Found this cover on her YouTube channel. Very very good x

NE x


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