Over the next week three of my favourite bands are releasing their new albums into the charts, these been Blink 182, New found glory and You me at six. Luckily, I have seen two of these acts before and they really are great all round . Blink 182 blew me away when I saw them last year at Leeds Festival, great atmosphere and a very special occasion. With today signaling the release of their new album ‘Neighborhoods’ I’ve decided to give you a link to one of the tracks on this highly anticipated album. Enjoy!

October the 3rd is also significant for the other two bands I mentioned. YouMeAtSix’s new album ‘Sinners never sleep’ is out on October the 3rd. On the other hand, Just like Blink 182, I’ve also seen New Found Glory twice and really enjoyed both their sets. This band have gone somewhat unnoticed by the mass market especially here in the UK, however many may have heard their music on films such as the ‘American Pie’ sequel. I think that their new single ‘Radiosurgery’ is a breath of fresh air and seems to cheer up my day however bad it may be. Great great band.

In the long run, there are also new albums out from Nickelback, Weezer, The Offspring and Tenacious D to look out for!! Keep an eye out.

NE x


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