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This is a real serious problem in today’s society and needs urgently sorting out. From watching parts of the Premiership so far this year, some actions of players have been utterly disgusting. First of all, Joey Barton and Gerviniho’s clash was completely awful to watch and it made me feel ashamed to even watch football after knowing acts like that are associated with this sport. However since then, even worse situations have taken place.

On Tuesday night reports were been placed in the media about certain antics participated by some of the Manchester Untied following at Elland Road. Foul chants about past events that have really hurt the whole club in Leeds for a long time which were completely uncalled for. Why did that happen? I understand rivalries as I  would describe myself as a football fan, but there’s a difference between rivalries  in the sport and pure hatred between people. These people don’t even know each other so how can they chant abuse at each other!! Some of the Manchester fans should be beyond ashamed of themselves especially after donning a Galatasary flag to mock the stabbing and later death of the two Leeds fans in Turkey, what a disgrace.
(Link is the recent news coverage of the incident at Elland Road)

Besides this, role models in football and other sports for that matter should take a look at themselves. As earlier said, Joey Barton, who basically attacked a member of the oppostion. How many children could possibly copy this action in the future and believe it to be okay? A lot is the answer. Bandura stated ‘The social learning theory’ in 1966 and said that all aggressive matters are natured into young people through environmental forces. This includes role models so therefore they should be the best sportsmen/women around at deal with events and setting the best examples, right?

Surely this isn’t a natural reaction for a child to produce?

In the end, I can’t think of many people in sport that don’t use aggression however or don’t use the limelight in a false or bad manner.


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