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Life seems to be full of complex, unexpected situations that can cause emotions of any type to grasp individuals. Personally, i do enjoy life. Fun times are always never too far away but at the same time, everybody seems to have a ‘past’ that seemed so much better. My past was when I was younger and without a care in the world, I just got on with everything on this planet without even knowing what half of it meant.

The problem with growing old, is the understanding you gain. This world can be so hostile and nasty and to be honest, I really can’t understand how some people cope with what goes on in today’s day and age. Innocent people who live in Libya and Iraq for example are losing relatives and friends due to another countries and leaders antics. I mean imagine coming home to no family because of an ‘accident’ an ‘accident’ that happens over and over again. An ‘accident’ where certain people don’t listen to the conquences and sort the right action out.

Anyway enough of the moaning. Recently at my friends, for some strange reason, we pulled out a box of lego. It most of been a sight, five sixteen/seventeen year olds messing around with a toy well outside their age category. However, it was such good fun, a bit strange in the context to be honest, but hey! Yeah, I don’t really see this as childish however because I see it as enjoying myself. Basically what I’m trying to say is ‘Do people really grow up or will we always find comfort in the same items/objects/people and products?’

Thought I would show you all the plane I built! I know that is silly and immature but if were been honest, I’m quite proud of this!
NE x


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