is this really football?


Recently, its become harder and harder to watch football and not be embarrassed by players so called ‘antics’. These players from the ‘continent’ coming to our shores and rolling around as if they have been shot from the stands by a high calibre shiver rifle. This is obviously in contrast to the 70’s where players would continue even if carrying injuries such as broken arms and legs. Even so, the premiership still possess few players who will put in a ‘proper’ tackle and take the ball but then however fall at the slightest push.

These playacters were recently brought to our screens in the ‘el classico’ or more commonly known as ‘el shambles’. Contested between the two so called best teams in the world. More like decievers, actors, liars and cheats. If my own team came out and acted the way some of them players did, I would of been disgraced and been purely embarrassed to say that I worship these ‘football players’. And on top of that, the referee mostly gets the blame. The unlucky official been surrounded by 22 players and managerial staff, 80 000 fans and many more watching on television, and been hounded into certain decisions.

Is that really football?


2 thoughts on “is this really football?

  1. Good, good point but don’t forget it’s our own players too! English players are becoming just as bad as the foreigners, just not as bad, admittedly. Agree about the refs too!

    1. long time ago this, will be on here much more now for media purposes as well! and true about the English players but without the influence of outside players, surely they would never dive and cheat? would never see that at grassroot (Sunday league) level

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