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“Disney and Pixar have today announced that Finding Nemo is getting a sequel. Finding Dory will arrive in US cinemas on November 25th, 2015, and (as you may have guessed) will follow the adventures of Dory, the helpful if somewhat absent-minded Blue Tang from the original movie.”

“The film will take place roughly a year after the events of the first film. Many favourites will return, including Marlin, Nemo and the Tank Gang, among others. Other details are scarce right now, but the film will take place partly along the California coastline.”

The first Finding Nemo movie was a mega hit. “According to the website Box Office Mojo, “Finding Nemo” pulled in $380,843,261 at the domestic box office and an additional $540,900,000 at the international box office for a total worldwide gross of $921,743,261.”

“The new film will be directed by Pixar veteran Andrew Stanton, who directed the original film. “Finding Nemo” won the 2003 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. According to Stanton, the new movie is set along the California coastline about a year after the first film, and features such returning characters as Marlin and Nemo, as well as some new characters.”


I personally cannot wait for this film. Finding Nemo was a truly worldwide hit which was loved by millions upon millions of viewers, it won’t disappoint.

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Freshers week has finally come to an end and it did so in emphatic style but that story is for later.. My first week at University has become one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Along with moving house and meeting new friends, including people on my course with me and my fantastic flatmates, I’ve come to the conclusion that becoming a university student is easily the best decision I have ever made.

This week has been a blur of nightime activities stemming for a couple of drinks at the local bar to a bar crawl through the heart of Sheffield where I’m currently studying my history course. Freshers week is honestly as crazy and as mental as people have previously made out! Every night in the week had been truly unforgettable especially the last, the Sunday, the bar crawl. After pre-drinking and playing beer pong in a friends flat for a couple of hours, we set off to meet the hundreds of other student at Revolution in Sheffield. Special shirts had been given out to students to make they’re own or should I say get obscenities written on before friends.. the bar crawl lasted all night and I finally reached home at about three in the morning, hardly remembering what had happened especially after seeing in a mirror that my face had a drawn on handle bar mustache on it and UV paint everywhere but all in all the pictures prove how much of a good time I must have had that night! The only bad event being when I woke up and found a lovely, nice looking sandwich made the previous night by myself.. sounds great until I realised it was blue tacked to the wall..

NE x

Recent weeks..

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As I’m currently in the process of moving to Sheffield to start university for three years, my life has been hectic of late. Therefore instead of using up a lot of time writing a five hundred plus word blog I’ve decided to upload a couple of photographs I’ve taken over the back end of the summer holidays. Whilst on the subject of this summer, it has easily been the best I’ve ever experienced and I don’t think for one minute that it could have been better in any way, shape or form. This summer has seen everything from parties with friends, night outs in Leeds, letting off Chinese lanterns, visiting family, going to football matches as well as visiting both Leeds Festival and the country of Portugal

Enjoy x

‘A Flash Flood of Colour – Enter Shikari’


Enter Shikari have recently uploaded the new teaser for album ‘A Flash Flood of Colour’ which we can expect to be released on 16th January, 2012. This will be their third full studio album after earlier albums ‘Take To The Skies’ and ‘Common Dreads.’

Enter Shikari are a British band, that combine post-hardcore and various heavy metal sub-genres such as metalcore and alternative metal with elements of various electronic genres such as electronica, dubstep, trance and occasionally drum and bass therefore making a very strong electronicore sound, formed in 2003 in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Album listing:

1. “System…”
2. “…Meltdown”
3. “Sssnakepit” 3:26
4. “Search Party”
5. “Arguing With Thermometers” 3:22
6. “Stalemate”
7. “Gandhi Mate, Gandhi” 4:28
8. “Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here”
9. “Pack of Thieves”
10. “Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide”
11. “Constellations”

Personally, I’m a massive fan of the group and can’t wait to once again listen to a new album they have produced. Single ‘Sssnakepit’ and full length radio preview ‘Gandhi Mate, Gandhi’  have sounded very promising leading up to the new album release and I fully recommend anybody to give these guys a listen to!

NE x

Live Sunday football (27th November 2011)


Live Sunday Premiership football (27th November 2011)

Todays matches: Swansea vs Aston Villa
: Liverpool vs Manchester City

Swansea Vs Aston Villa

Swansea are gunning for another undefeated display at home to Aston Villa  after been overcome by Manchester United last week after another good performance. On the other hand, Villa come to the Liberty Stadium today looking for only their fourth win of the season after an unstable start to the season. Kick off at 13:30

Liverpool Vs Manchester City

The second game of the day sees Liverpool host Manchester City at Anfield. Manchester City come into this game unbeaten in the league this term but could face tough opposition from a Liverpool team unbeatable in their last six games and coming off the back of a 2-1 win at Chelsea last time out. Liverpool are looking largely impressive under Kenny Dalglish this season and could inflict Mancini’s first league defeat this year in the Premiership. Kick of at 16:00

However, both games today in the Premiership are more then largely over shadowed by the untimely death of footballing legend Gary Speed. Speed, Welsh manager and former Leeds, Newcastle, Everton, Bolton and Sheffield United, was tragically found dead early this morning at his home in Cheshire. Thoughts go to his family at this desperate time x


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November doesn’t seem like the album releasing month for the music industry with only limited albums due within this month. Rock/Alternative lovers can expect ‘Angels & Airwaves’ new album ‘Love:Part two’ to be released in Europe on the 11th November. This is due to be their Fourth studio album which is impressive to say that the band were only created due to Tom DeLonge’s departure from ‘Blink 182.’ Band ‘Nickelback’ also have a new album out on the 21st titled ‘Here and now.’

In other genres, ‘Pop’ for instance, ‘Rihanna’ and ‘The Wanted’ have their second and sixth album respectively out this month. I’m pretty sure that these albums will be played over and over and over on the radio anyway.

Also, Go buy and listen to ‘You Me At Six’ album – ‘Sinners never sleep’ which was out last month. One of the best albums this year in my opinion, listen out for tracks ‘Reckless’ and ‘Jaws on the floor.’

Dying music genres?


The 70’s and 80’s saw the rise of new and extreme ‘music groups.’ These were groups of music lovers and fans of music genres that followed bands and musicians around the country. With this came the birth of dressing like music genres. By this I mean groups such as The Punk Rockers who swept the nation and followed bands such as the ‘Sex Pistols’ and ‘The Clash.’ However, where did these groups go?

Recently the music industry seems to be dominated by the party/pop genre from groups such as LMFAO to singers like Bruno Mars. Personally, I don’t mind this music and am not objective towards it or the musicians themselves. This certain ‘urge’ that the public seems to have towards this genre seems to be killing off smaller genres to a certain extent however. When researching my media report on the music industry I read an article claiming that only three genres were now widely represented within the industry, R’n’B, Party and Alternative/Indie. This is believable unfortunately for most,  especially for me due to the fact I prefer other genres of music such as ‘Rock’ which isn’t as widely represented.

Open for debate of course but to me it seems that these listed genres are now forgotten or on the verge of collapse within the music industry:
-Punk                                                                    – Pop Punk
– Jazz                                                                     – Folk
– Opera                                                                 – Country
– Blues                                                                  – Rock/Metal (Arguably)

Also open for debate but music genres that are becoming popular or very popular in today’s climate:
– Pop                                                                     – Dubstep
– House                                                                – Party
– R’n’B                                                                  – Indie
– Alternate Rock                                             – Reggae fusion

On iTunes and other such formatted music sharing sites/organisations , it is also nearly certain that only these ‘popular’ genres will be found on the front page or as ‘featured’ artists or articles.

All in all I just believe that lesser music genres are been given less attention and are been succumb to failure due to the lack of advertising and coverage they receives.



I believe that in society today so many people possess a talent. This talent can be anything from playing extremely good football to possessing a beautiful singing voice. However it really bugs me when people don’t show themselves off a little more when maybe, they truly do deserve to. I made this blog in the wake of watching X Factor on Saturday. Personally, I’m not a massive fan of the show and in all honesty, I’ve only watched the last three programmes. The talent on the show though (especially the later stages) is amazing.

One singer stuck out for me in particular, Janet Devlin. This girl’s voice is something else. Love the fact that she keeps her accent when she sings, makes it really unique. She really will be a world wide hit. Normally, the only problem I really have with acts on shows like the X Factor is their constant attention seeking, for instance Kitty from this years series. Jumping in the pool at the end of her audition, too far. It also annoyed me when I read in the paper that she is fed up of people, such as Janet, been given their chance on a plate. This might just be me but isn’t that the whole point in the actual contest? Anyway, enough of that.

Overall then, I believe that talent is all around us and that people should use whatever they have to impress other people and do themselves proud. In reference to the other story (X Factor) Janet has such a distinctive voice and I really hope that she wins that competition, she deserves it. Good luck!!

Found this cover on her YouTube channel. Very very good x

NE x



Over the next week three of my favourite bands are releasing their new albums into the charts, these been Blink 182, New found glory and You me at six. Luckily, I have seen two of these acts before and they really are great all round . Blink 182 blew me away when I saw them last year at Leeds Festival, great atmosphere and a very special occasion. With today signaling the release of their new album ‘Neighborhoods’ I’ve decided to give you a link to one of the tracks on this highly anticipated album. Enjoy!

October the 3rd is also significant for the other two bands I mentioned. YouMeAtSix’s new album ‘Sinners never sleep’ is out on October the 3rd. On the other hand, Just like Blink 182, I’ve also seen New Found Glory twice and really enjoyed both their sets. This band have gone somewhat unnoticed by the mass market especially here in the UK, however many may have heard their music on films such as the ‘American Pie’ sequel. I think that their new single ‘Radiosurgery’ is a breath of fresh air and seems to cheer up my day however bad it may be. Great great band.

In the long run, there are also new albums out from Nickelback, Weezer, The Offspring and Tenacious D to look out for!! Keep an eye out.

NE x

A to Z.

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Places of the world
Countries:                             Capitals:
A – Australia                          A – Addis Ababa
B – Brazil                                B – Buenos Aires
C – Canada                             C – Caracas
D – Djibouti                           D – Dhaka
E – Egypt                                E – Edinburgh
F – Fiji                                     F – Free Town
G – Gambia                            G – Georgetown
H – Hungary                          H – Havana
I – Indoenesia                        I -Islamabad
J – Jamaica                            J – Jakarta
K – Kazakhstan                     K – Kathmandu
L – Latvia                               L – London
M – Madagascar                   M – Madrid
N – Nepal                               N – Nassau
O – Oman                               O – Ouagadougou
P – Peru                                  P – Pretoria
Q – Qatar                                Q – Quito
R – Rwanda                            R – Rabat
S – South Africa                     S – San Jose
T – Tuvalu                               T – Tokyo
U – Uruguay                           U – Ulaanbaatar
V – Venezuala                         V – Vienna
W – Western Sahara             W – Wellington
Y – Yemen                               Y – Yamoussoukro
Z – Zambia                              Z – Zagreb


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After my previous comments on the ‘bad’ side of football, I took a look at the ‘good’ side and found some very emotional stories about how players pay respects to one another. This category can also include ‘sportmanship’ which was most famously demonstrated by Paoulo Di Canio when he picked up the ball where he was in a position to score but the opposition keeper was injured. (see link below)

When it comes to tributes to fellow players however, some stories are moving. It’s the World Cup Final in 2011, Spain Vs Holland and in the 115th minute of the match, Iniesta grabs the winner for Spain. In delirious happiness he takes his top off to celebrate and underneath his jersey, he is donning a white vest. On this vest it simply says “Dani Jarque siempre con nosotros” which means in English “Dani Jarque, always with us.”

This story goes back to the 8th August 2009 when Dani Jarque tragically collapased during Espanyol’s pre-season tour of Italy.  Dani Jarque had previously played with Iniesta during his time with the Spanish under 21’s and both had become good friends. After the World Cup, Iniesta’s Barcelona travelled to Espanyol (Jarque’s old club). As Espanyol is situated in the city of Barcelona, rivalry is high between the two clubs but the reception Andres Iniesta then recieved when he was substituted was astounding. Every Espanyol fan stood and clapped him off the pitch. Iniesta’s name was also shown on the back of an Espanyol shirt with the number 21 (Jarque’s retired number) during the game.

This one tribute just shows how rivalry can be forgotten in football sometimes and how both players and sets of fans can work together to create a better, kinder atmosphere in the sport.

NE x


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This is a real serious problem in today’s society and needs urgently sorting out. From watching parts of the Premiership so far this year, some actions of players have been utterly disgusting. First of all, Joey Barton and Gerviniho’s clash was completely awful to watch and it made me feel ashamed to even watch football after knowing acts like that are associated with this sport. However since then, even worse situations have taken place.

On Tuesday night reports were been placed in the media about certain antics participated by some of the Manchester Untied following at Elland Road. Foul chants about past events that have really hurt the whole club in Leeds for a long time which were completely uncalled for. Why did that happen? I understand rivalries as I  would describe myself as a football fan, but there’s a difference between rivalries  in the sport and pure hatred between people. These people don’t even know each other so how can they chant abuse at each other!! Some of the Manchester fans should be beyond ashamed of themselves especially after donning a Galatasary flag to mock the stabbing and later death of the two Leeds fans in Turkey, what a disgrace.
(Link is the recent news coverage of the incident at Elland Road)

Besides this, role models in football and other sports for that matter should take a look at themselves. As earlier said, Joey Barton, who basically attacked a member of the oppostion. How many children could possibly copy this action in the future and believe it to be okay? A lot is the answer. Bandura stated ‘The social learning theory’ in 1966 and said that all aggressive matters are natured into young people through environmental forces. This includes role models so therefore they should be the best sportsmen/women around at deal with events and setting the best examples, right?

Surely this isn’t a natural reaction for a child to produce?

In the end, I can’t think of many people in sport that don’t use aggression however or don’t use the limelight in a false or bad manner.


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Life seems to be full of complex, unexpected situations that can cause emotions of any type to grasp individuals. Personally, i do enjoy life. Fun times are always never too far away but at the same time, everybody seems to have a ‘past’ that seemed so much better. My past was when I was younger and without a care in the world, I just got on with everything on this planet without even knowing what half of it meant.

The problem with growing old, is the understanding you gain. This world can be so hostile and nasty and to be honest, I really can’t understand how some people cope with what goes on in today’s day and age. Innocent people who live in Libya and Iraq for example are losing relatives and friends due to another countries and leaders antics. I mean imagine coming home to no family because of an ‘accident’ an ‘accident’ that happens over and over again. An ‘accident’ where certain people don’t listen to the conquences and sort the right action out.

Anyway enough of the moaning. Recently at my friends, for some strange reason, we pulled out a box of lego. It most of been a sight, five sixteen/seventeen year olds messing around with a toy well outside their age category. However, it was such good fun, a bit strange in the context to be honest, but hey! Yeah, I don’t really see this as childish however because I see it as enjoying myself. Basically what I’m trying to say is ‘Do people really grow up or will we always find comfort in the same items/objects/people and products?’

Thought I would show you all the plane I built! I know that is silly and immature but if were been honest, I’m quite proud of this!
NE x



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Wanted to prove how every thing is linked in life.



Recently I have become more and more interested in the band ‘We are the ocean.’ After seeing them last month at Leeds Festival and before supporting Lostprophets I have been getting into the band more and more and regulary listening to them on my ipod.  However when i saw them at Leeds cockpit, they blew me apart. I’ve seen massive bands before but the passion you feel when watching these guys is something else, the lyrics seem so meaningful. Therefore that gig was one of my most favourite gigs ever, not to mention getting on stage with the band! A truly great moment in my life.

This year at Leeds festival I also felt very proud to watch them open the main stage for the weekend. It was so nice to see a band I have always followed becoming so big and finally getting the chance they deserve. Their new album ‘Go now and live’ is a must listen to at the same time, you can really appreciate the effort that has gone into such an energetic album like this one especially when it reached number 3 in the ‘UK rock chart.’

Album track listing –

1. “Trouble Is Temporary, Time Is Tonic” 2:44
2. “What It Feels Like” 3:02
3. “The Waiting Room” 3:34
4. “Runaway” 3:45
5. “Trials and Tribulations” 3:19
6. “Overtime is a Crime” 3:09
7. “Godspeed” 2:53
8. “Now and Then” 3:59
9. “Follow What You Need” 3:15
10. “Before I Die” 3:39

And then there’s the ‘old’ stuff. My days, these tracks are something else so I just though i’d leave you with my favourite and I hope you all enjoy!

A marketing case study of different films.

Media work

Marketing is all around us, sometimes without us even knowing it. Marketing is a process that companies use to promote a film and therefore gain more revenue in the long term. Posters, adverts, trailers and billboards are just some of the different methods used to promote certain films. Other such ways to promote and market can be interviews by the ‘stars’ of the film to give a good preview of the movie, articles in newspapers and magazine, music videos if a music single is released for the film and a build up of ‘public hype’ within social networks.

The most well known, but yet old fashioned, way to promote a film is using the film poster technique. These posters can be seen in various print texts in the media and throughout cinemas up and down the country where posters are part of a movie theatres overall environment. Posters capture the film but within a printed format. This print text needs to capture the experience and the atmosphere surrounding the storyline to grasp the viewer and sell the so called ’product’. Without this atmosphere been captured, the viewer will simply pass by, leading to reduced numbers watching the industries next big film. However, companies are only able to market their film according to their own budget, henceforth the whitewash of Hollywood movies in today’s society. Marketing is especially huge among Hollywood films as they often spend a quarter of the film’s budget just on media purposes along. This therefore leads to independent companies and arthouise/indie films suffering as a consequence.

The Rise of the planet of the Apes is a clear example of the sheer power that Hollywood possess with marketing for this film been estimated at costing the makers up to a staggering $43,210,000. However in response to this, the film grossed $377,718,000 which just proves that marketing is such a key part of a films success especially in foreign terrain. Personally, when walking through the street I seemed to be constantly bombarded with information on this such film, the date it was released, reviews from famous critics with film posters in bus stops and shop windows everywhere. Hollywood therefore has the sheer power and strength to break new barriers all the time especially now with the influence of the internet to be always promoting newer, better feature length films.

This trailer alone shows the hugely improving state of the film industry with trailers been beamed all across the world to different locations to create a strong need for viewers to go out and buy the pleasure of watching this certain movie.

Hollywood also now has the money to create various different movie posters and therefore widen the spectrum to caption a much wider target audience. As we see below, the three different movie posters use very different images and colours to appeal to the wider public eye.

However, on the other hand we have smaller film companies who have to deal with Hollywood but still make a profit when bringing out new releases. ‘An art film is a typically serious, independent film aimed at a niche market rather than a mass market audience.’ Arthouse films usually star widely unknown actors/actresses and can also be seen as quite low budget films compared to the films of a mass market equivalent. A low budget therefore means that marketing throughout the wider society is a lot more limited compared to it’s rivals, meaning that lower numbers can be usually expected compared to mass market films. Although, smaller ‘indie’ films can also sometimes be seen within larger cinemas within the country. To represent this I did research into smaller film companies successes in 2011 and the results are staggering. Although the film industry is dominated by Hollywood films, strong successes can be found everywhere. However, the most well known success came in 1999 with ‘The Blair witch project.’ Costing just $60,000 including marketing, the grossed amount received worldwide stands at a massive $249 million.

A more recent success was ‘Slumdog millionaire.’ After been produced for $15 million including marketing, it grossed $377,910544. The marketing for this new film was also unusually quite extensive, with adverts and trailers been shown on television regularly. The film was a creation from ‘Celador Films’ relatively unheard of before this mega-money movie. On the other hand, only one film poster was ever created for this film. That said, the poster is very clever as I personally believes it catches the spirit that is found within the story-line of the film. The bright colours also capture the lively nature of where the film is set, India.

Overall, I believe that money is key to a films success and that marketing can make any movie, a great one. The huge influence of marketing on us all can sometimes go unnoticed but when it is noticed, it always leaves us begging for more.



Alfred Hitchcock Portrait – Colorized by Sanna Dullaway


Reddit user mygrapefruit and self-taught colorizer Sanna Dullaway has colorized famous photographs in history. You can find the entire 34-image collection on Imgur. Using a Wacom bamboo tablet and Photosohp, each photo takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

It’s an interesting project as it reminds us that while most historic photographs were in black and white, life itself was in the same vibrant color as today (derp). It tickles the mind as we are so accustomed to history portrayed in black and white.

It’s interesting to note that these images have stirred quite the controversy since going viral. Comments on sites like PetaPixel are quite critical, while on Reddit (where it was originally posted) the feedback has been generally positive. What do you think?

Technically, the colorizing skill is superb. It requires great vision and understanding of…

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